CertPREP Courseware: IT Specialist Databases - Self-Paced

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This self-paced CertPREP IT Specialist Databases course serves as a foundation layer of many web and data applications, business reporting functions, and prediction algorithms. In this course, students will learn:

  • how to design and optimize a database
  • how to create, update and delete records and tables
  • how to filter and aggregate data
  • how to automate certain procedures

Taken together, these skills will serve as an entry point into data-related careers in reporting, data engineering, and automation.

Course components:

  • Lessons
  • MeasureUp Practice Test for IT Specialist Databases. Practice Mode with remediation and Certification mode to simulate the test day experience.
  • Labs

Duration: Approximately 36 hours of primary course content. Each learner will progress at their own rate.


Designed for high school-level students and learners interested in obtaining a working-level proficiency with databases. After completing this course, you will be able to perform the basic responsibilities of an entry-level professional in the IT field or take advanced database courses that will allow you to become a database administrator.

Prerequisites:  None

Required course materials: Self-paced CertPREP IT Specialist Databases Courseware.

Course objectives:

Upon successful completion of this course, students should be able to:  

  • Translate business case into a normalized database design
  • Create and maintain tables, views, and stored procedures that support business operations
  • Create and maintain tables, views, and stored procedures that support reporting functions
  • Optimize and troubleshoot queries

Lesson 1: Database Design

  • Skill 1.1: Given a scenario, design tables for storing data
  • Skill 1.2: Given a scenario, identify the appropriate primary key
  • Skill 1.3: Given a scenario, choose data types to meet the requirements
  • Skill 1.4: Given a scenario, design relationships between tables
  • Skill 1.5: Normalize a database
  • Skill 1.6: Given a scenario, identify data protection measures

Lesson 2: Database Object Management using DDL

  • Skill 2.1: Construct and analyze queries that create, alter, and drop tables
  • Skill 2.2: Construct and analyze queries that create, alter, and drop views
  • Skill 2.3: Construct and analyze stored procedures and functions
  • Skill 2.4: Given a scenario, choose between clustered and non-clustered indexes

Lesson 3: Data Retrieval

  • Skill 3.1: Construct and analyze queries that select data
  • Skill 3.2: Construct and analyze queries that sort and filter data
  • Skill 3.3: Construct and analyze queries that aggregate data

Lesson 4: Data Manipulation using DML

  • Skill 4.1: Construct and analyze INSERT statements
  • Skill 4.2: Construct and analyze UPDATE statements
  • Skill 4.3: Construct and analyze DELETE statements

Lesson 5: Troubleshooting

  • Skill 5.1: Troubleshoot data object management query failures
  • Skill 5.2: Troubleshoot data retrieval query failures
  • Skill 5.3: Troubleshoot data manipulation query failures
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