CertPREP Training Labs: Linux Library (180-day license)

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The Linux Library is a 180-day subscription that includes access to 75-100+ labs related to various Linux topics

A total of 3 attempts to complete each lab exercise

Multiple levels: Guided, Advanced & Expert

Access to the lab delivery platform starting upon your first lab launch:

  • Collection (Exam Level) – 90 days
  • Library (Technology Level) – 180 days
  • All Access (All labs) – 365 days

Linux: Command Line

CLF - 000 Getting Started with Command Line Fundamentals [Getting Started]
CLF - 001 CLI Search of man Pages [Guided]
CLF - 002 Use the Appropriate Section of man Pages [Guided]
CLF - 003 Can You Use Several Man Pages at Once? [Advanced]
CLF - 004 Identify the Column-oriented Full Programming Language [Guided]
CLF - 005 File Name Generators [Guided]
CLF - 006 Can You Create Files from Parts of Other Files? [Advanced]
CLF - 007 Using sort [Guided]
CLF - 008 Using grep to search for data [Guided]
CLF - 009 Can You use the grep and sort commands together? [Advanced]
CLF - 010 Can You Perform the Standard Administrative Task of Managing CPU Usage and Documenting your Actions? [Expert]

Linux: Network Security

LA - 000 Getting Started with Linux Administration [Getting Started]
LA - 001 Obtain Root Credentials in Linux [Guided]
LA - 002 Vim Fundamentals in Linux [Guided]
LA - 003 Can You Manage Users in Linux? [Advanced]
LA - 004 Reset the root Password in Linux [Guided]
LA - 005 Configure an Alias in Linux [Guided]
LA - 006 Can You Automate Administrative Tasks in Linux Using Cron and Scripting? [Advanced]
LA - 007 Configure an FTP Server with Linux [Guided]
LA - 008 Configure rsync and ssh File Management in Linux [Guided]
LA - 009 Can You Document the Server in Linux? [Advanced]
LA - 010 Can You Configure Security for SSH in Linux? [Expert]

Linux: Installation and Package Management

LD - 000 Getting Started with Linux Deployment [Getting Started]
LD - 001 Distribution Installation in Linux [Guided]
LD - 002 Configure and Use GUI Administration Tools in Linux [Guided]
LD - 003 Can you Configure Kickstart Installations in Linux? [Advanced]
LD - 004 Manage Software with rpm and apt in Linux [Guided]
LD - 005 Manage Software with yum in Linux [Guided]
LD - 006 Can You Configure a Yum Repository in Linux? [Advanced]
LD - 007 Manage Services in Linux [Guided]
LD - 008 Manage Server Startup Options in Linux [Guided]
LD - 009 Can You Manage Processes in Linux? [Advanced]
LD - 010 Can you Deploy an Apache Web Server in Linux? [Expert]

Linux: Command Line and File System

LDM - 000 Getting Started with Linux Data Management [Getting Started]
LDM - 001 Edit Text Files in Linux [Guided]
LDM - 002 Backup and Restore Files with tar in Linux [Guided]
LDM - 003 Backup and Restore Files with cpio in Linux [Guided]
LDM - 004 Can You Manage Directories and Files in Linux? [Advanced]
LDM - 005 Manage Storage in Linux [Guided]
LDM - 006 Configure Links in Linux [Guided]
LDM - 007 Can You Use Find and Locate to Search for Files in Linux? [Advanced]
LDM - 008 Configure Standard Permissions in Linux [Guided]
LDM - 009 Can You Configure ACL Permissions in Linux? [Advanced]
LDM - 010 Can You Configure Advanced Permissions in Linux? [Expert]

Linux: Foundation

Linux+ - 000 Getting Started with Linux+ [Getting Started]
Linux+ - 001 Deploy a Microsoft Azure Virtual Machine Infrastructure [Guided]
Linux+ - 002 Deploy Ubuntu Linux Virtual Machines in the Microsoft Azure [Guided]
Linux+ - 003 Configure and Manage Linux Print Queues and Jobs [Guided]
Linux+ - 004 Create and Manage Linux Users and Groups [Guided]
Linux+ - 005 Use Azure CLI Tools to Manage Azure Linux Virtual Machines [Guided]
Linux+ - 006 Generate and Use SSH Keys for Azure Linux Virtual Machine Authentication [Guided]
Linux+ - 007a Can You Create a Scheduled Linux Backup Script? [Advanced]
Linux+ - 008a Can You Configure Linux Time Sources? [Advanced]
Linux+ - 009a Can You Perform a Network Vulnerability Assessment Using Nmap? [Advanced]
Linux+ - 010a Can You Configure Linux Rsyslog Forwarding? [Advanced]

Linux: Networking

Linux+2 - 000 Getting Started with Linux+2 [Getting Started]
Linux+2 - 001 Configure IPv4 and IPv6 Addressing for Linux [Guided]
Linux+2 - 002 Configure Network Connectivity for Linux on Azure [Guided]
Linux+2 - 003 Configure IP Routing with Linux on Azure [Guided]
Linux+2 - 004 Configure DNS Client Settings for Linux on Azure [Guided]
Linux+2 - 005a Can You Configure Linux IPv4 Routing? [Advanced]
Linux+2 - 006a Can You Install and Configure a Linux DNS Server? [Advanced]
Linux+2 - 007a Can You Troubleshoot Linux Network Issues? [Expert]

Linux: System Administration Tasks

SATO-000 Getting Started with System Administration Task One [Getting Started]
SATO-001 Control Data Streams in Linux [Guided]
SATO-002 Assign Environment and Shell Variables in Linux [Guided]
SATO-003 Simplify Linux Administration Tasks by Using Xargs [Guided]
SATO-004 Edit Data by Using Linux Command-Line Tools [Guided]
SATO-005 Perform Linux Command-Line Operations by Using File Test and Relational Operators [Guided]
SATO-006 Perform Linux Command-Line Operations by Using Boolean and Arithmetic Operators [Guided]
SATO-007 Automate Administration Tasks by Using Linux Shell Scripts [Guided]
SATO-008 Perform Conditional Decision Making in a Linux Shell Script [Guided]
SATO-009 Can You Use Linux Command-Line Tools to Simplify Administration Tasks? [Advanced]
SATO-010 Can You Perform Command-Line Tasks by Using Shell Operators and a Shell Script? [Advanced]
SATO-011 Can You Manipulate Data and Create a Shell Script in Linux? [Expert]
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