AWS Certified Developer (Associate) Complete Video Course

AWS Certified Developer (Associate) Complete Video Course
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AWS Certified Developer Complete Video Course focuses on the role-based certification, AWS Developer Associate. According to Amazon, "this exam validates proficiency in developing, deploying, and debugging cloud-based applications using AWS." Amazon Web Services currently has more than 130 individual services available for use. Each service falls into an overarching category such as compute, storage, database, networking, and so on. The AWS Developer Associate focuses on those services and concepts relevant to developers using, or intending to use, AWS services to create their applications. This course covers the published blueprint for the Associate Level Certified Developer exam.

This course is not intended to teach you to how program or develop applications. The goal is to help you understand the services available to run the applications you develop through live demonstration. Each lesson begins with a walk-through to provide an overview of the topic and then goes into demonstration mode. Most of the demonstrations in this course are accomplished with a free AWS Trial Account so you can follow along. This course takes a lab-based approach to teaching, which means we will focus on how to develop throughout the training so you can get some hands-on experience working in AWS. You will also learn about the objectives in the exam, but the emphasis is on doing so you can gain the experience needed to develop in AWS as well as pass the test. Each lesson has a lab-based exercise that walks you through concepts and allows you to dive into a project. Lab files are included as downloads with the course so you can work alongside the author and work on projects.

Nick Garner has co-founded an IoT company that runs entirely on AWS infrastructure that he manages. He has certifications in AWS, CEH, CISSP, and two CCIEs (routing/switching and security). He works with Amazon Web Services design daily, particularly with respect to extending enterprise services into cloud service providers such as Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Compute.

Skill Level


Learn How To

Understand the services that are available to run the applications your team is developing.
Develop, deploy, and debug cloud-based applications using AWS
Prepare for the Associate Level Certified Developer exam

Who Should Take This Course

Anyone with hands-on experience with AWS services who is planning to take the Associate Level Certified Developer exam, or who simply wants a deeper understanding of the services that are available for applications developed in AWS

Course Requirements

Amazon recommends one or more years of hands-on experience in developing and maintaining applications on AWS services, and in-depth knowledge of at least one high-level programming language, such as Java or Python.


Module 1: Course and AWS Overview

Lesson 1: Course Overview
Lesson 2: Cloud Services
Lesson 3: Setting up a Lab

Module 2: AWS Foundational Services

Lesson 4: AWS CLI & SDK
Lesson 5: Identity and Access Management (IAM)
Lesson 6: Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)
Lesson 7: Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2)
Lesson 8: Route 53 DNS

Module 3: Database and Storage Services

Lesson 9: Simple Storage Service (S3)
Lesson 10: Databases (RDS / EC2)
Lesson 11: DynamoDB (NoSQL)

Module 4: Messaging Services

Lesson 12: Simple Queue Service (SQS)
Lesson 13: Simple Notification Service (SNS)

Module 5: Execution Services

Lesson 14: Lambda — Serverless Compute
Lesson 15: Elastic Beanstalk
Lesson 16: Kinesis
Lesson 17: API Gateway

Module 6: Developing in AWS

Lesson 18: CloudFormation
Lesson 19: AWS Developer Tools
Lesson 20: AWS Shared Responsibility Model


14+ Hours of Video Instruction

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