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The IT Specialist program includes and builds upon the same topics as the former Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) program. Explore new courseware and practice tools designed to train professionals seeking careers in IT.

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Artificial intelligence

Students will learn various topics across the entire field of AI, from defining the AI problem that needs to be solved, managing the data, and building an AI model to solve it, to producing, deploying, and monitoring the model in an application.

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Computational thinking

Students will learn to deconstruct problems, collect and analyze data, recognize patterns in data, represent data through abstractions, and automate solutions using algorithmic thinking.

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Data analytics

Students will learn how to responsibly manipulate, analyze, and communicate the findings of a data analysis. The goal of this course is to build the knowledge needed for foundational skills in IT.

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Students will leave this course knowing the basics of database design and database object management using DDL, data manipulation using DML, and troubleshooting data management, retrieval, and manipulation query failures.

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Students will learn about basic skills across networking, device configuration and management, and cloud computing. From developing cloud-based solutions to managing Windows devices to troubleshooting networking services and topologies, the goal is to build the knowledge needed for foundational skills in networking.

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Candidates will walk away with an understanding of core security principles, key security paradigms, and the foundational security knowledge and skills to identify threats to a business when security procedures are not followed.

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Software development

Students will gain foundational knowledge in Java, JavaScript, HTML and CSS, HTML5 Application Development, and Software Development. Basics include learning to build responsive web applications, writing object-oriented programming, debugging JavaScript code, applying CSS, and understanding core software development skills.

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IT Specialist can help Workforce Development

Pearson’s comprehensive set of programming and certifications spans 15 different tech areas to help your candidates find the right fit.

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Upon completion of a program, students receive a certificate and digital badge to add to LinkedIn profiles.