Pearson CertPREP Knowledge Center

  • General Information

    • What are the system requirements?

      You can use CertPREP on a computer and mobile devices, like tablets and smartphones (iOS 9.0+, Android 5.0+).

      CertPREP supports the most recent versions of the following web browsers, you may check your current version here:

      1. - Chrome
      2. - Firefox
      3. - Safari
      4. - Edge

      If you are using an older browser, updating the browser may help solve problems. For mobile devices, these browsers are available on Apple Store and Google Play.

      CertPREP practice tests can only be used on a computer.

      For a better experience, please use reliable internet connection. A minimum of 5Mbit or 800 kbps is recommended.

    • What do I need to do for Microsoft 365 labs?

      All Microsoft 365 labs require an account. Learners will need to create a trial account.

      NOTE: Due to recent changes, Microsoft now requires a credit card to create a trial subscription. Students must proactively cancel their Microsoft trial subscription, preferably no later than 25 days after your account creation date , otherwise, you will be charged a subscription fee.

  • Products

    • What is a Practice Test?

      A practice test is an informal exam that simulates the actual test and aims to prepare you better for what to expect on the real exam. A practice test contains approximately 150 questions, covering the exam objective domains.

      There are two ways of launching a practice test:

      1. - Practice Mode: Explanations and references to each question are provided to add extended information and increase understanding of the topic.
      2. - Certification Mode: Mimics the actual exam experience, providing a barometer of the learner’s preparedness for the actual exam.
    • What is CertPREP instructor-led training (ILT)?

      The CertPREP instructor-led training solution is turnkey courseware that allows instructors and students to ‘hit the ground running’ in class.

      Instructors have access to all training materials in one place. Whether in person or virtual, the CertPREP instructor-led solution allows for interactive activities, personalized feedback, Q&A and flexibility that suits learner needs in real-time. Instructor-led training includes access to instructor PowerPoint decks, live labs, practice tests, videos and books.

    • What is CertPREP self-paced learning?

      The CertPREP self-paced learning solution allows individuals to learn at their own pace. Learners choose when and where they complete their lessons, focusing on challenging areas and brushing up on things they already know. Self-paced learning includes access to live labs, practice tests, videos, and books.

    • Do we have labs in every single course?

      Not every course requires a lab. If it is appropriate, a lab is included. For example, Cisco titles are likely to include a simulator as opposed to a lab.

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  • Functionality

    • How do I set up the CertPREP platform?

      For instructor-led titles, your CertPREP account is set up and populated for you. The classes you purchase are added by Pearson VUE staff.

    • How do I launch a practice test?

      Once you have accessed the content, you will land on the Course tab. Scroll down to near the bottom of the content to find ‘Practice Exam’. Click the checkbox next to ‘Practice Exam’ to reveal the link to the practice test. Click that link and follow the instructions provided on the screen to set up your practice test session.

    • How do I use an online practice test?

      Once you launch the practice test, you may set up your practice test session. All necessary instructions are provided on-screen in a simple format, allowing you to customize your session. Everything you need to use the practice test is provided in the interface.

    • How do I navigate the CertPREP platform?

      Navigation on the CertPREP platform is not unlike navigating any other website. Primary navigation is located immediately below the teal bar at the top of the screen. Navigation for the Content page and the actual content is placed prominently in the window, allowing for intuitive use of the controls.

    • How can I integrate CertPREP with my current LMS?

      Please contact your CertPREP sales representative. They will connect you with the appropriate resources at Pearson VUE.

    • What happens if I purchase seats for an existing title and a new version of that title is published?

      Students already working in the existing content can complete their course without interruption. New classes will use the latest version once the new course has been added. Once the existing course is retired, any seats held in inventory may be used for the new version of the title.

    • May I exchange seats if I purchase for the wrong title?

      Absolutely. Contact your sales representative or CertPREP Support with the pertinent information to get seats moved to a new title.

    • Can I unenroll a learner from a course?

      A student may be unenrolled at any point. However, if the student has not accessed the class, the seat will be returned to your license. If the student has accessed the course, the seat is consumed and cannot be reused for another student.

    • If I purchase seats and they are unused, can they be transferred to a new title if my needs change?

      Please contact your sales representative or CertPREP support if your seat inventory does not meet your current needs.

    • I titled my class incorrectly. How do I change the title?

      Unfortunately, you cannot change the title of a class at this time. If no students are enrolled, go to your Dashboard and find the course in question. Click the gear icon to the right of the 'Resume course' button and select 'Unenroll'. This will remove the course from your dashboard. You are then free to create a new course with the correct name and enroll your learners.