CertPREP Courseware: IT Specialist Network Security - Instructor-Led

CertPREP Courseware:  IT Specialist Network Security
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The Network Security Certification course is based on learning the different techniques, tools and technologies to protect the network from unauthorized access. Upon completion of this course, learners can expect to have knowledge of identifying the different types of attacks, configuring the user authentication, identifying the protocols, implementing email protection, and managing browser security. Students will also learn to configure anti-malware and antivirus software.

The goal of this course is to provide learners with the tools and techniques needed to prepare for the Network Security certification—including text explanations, video demos, lab activities, self-assessment questions, and a practice exam—to increase their chances of passing the exam on the first try.

Duration: 5 days of training

Designed to instruct any learner who wants to gain expertise in designing and implementing safe network infrastructure which includes: monitoring system performance, managing network, deploying data backup and recovery, installing and configuring hardware and software related to the networking.
By becoming a Network Security Certified: Network Administrator, you will be able to manage a complete organization’s network by advising the network engineering team to manage and maintain the organization’s data safe and secure. You will also be able to pursue a career as a network architect.

  • Basics of computer networking
  • Fundamentals of the network protocols and topologies
  • Expertise in troubleshooting
  • Understanding the complete architecture of the networking system

Course objectives:
Upon successful completion of this course, students should be able to: 
  • Identify the core security policies and their types
  • Identify the different types of threats or attacks on the network
  • Authenticate the user and manage permissions
  • Manage email and browser security
  • Install anti-virus and investigating alerts

Required course materials
  • Network Security Essentials: Applications and Standards
Lesson 1: Defense in Depth
  • Skill 1.1: Identify core security principles
  • Skill 1.2: Define and enforce physical security
  • Skill 1.3: Identify security policy types
  • Skill 1.4: Identify attack types
  • Skill 1.5: Identify backup and restore types
Lesson 2: Operating System Security
  • Skill 2.1: Identify client and server protection
  • Skill 2.2: Configure user authentication
  • Skill 2.3: Manage permissions in Windows and Linux
  • Skill 2.4: Facilitate non-repudiation using audit policies and log files
  • Skill 2.5: Demonstrate knowledge of encryption
Lesson 3: Network Device Security
  • Skill 3.1: Implement wireless security
  • Skill 3.2: Identify the role of network protection devices
  • Skill 3.3: Identify network isolation methods
  • Skill 3.4: Identify protocol security concepts
Lesson 4: Secure Computing
  • Skill 4.1: Implement email protection
  • Skill 4.2: Manage browser security
  • Skill 4.3: Install and configure anti-malware and antivirus software
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