CISSP Exam Prep Livelessons

CISSP Exam Prep Livelessons
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7 hours of concentrated training on the CISSP exam's most challenging concepts along with exposure to the most common exam traps, pitfalls, and difficulties. The author additionally walks through sample questions for each domain in the exam, so you can see the types of exam questions you'll experience and learn how to work through complications and snags you might find on the exam. This is the perfect course for anyone about to take the exam.


CISSP Exam Prep LiveLessons provides 7 hours of deep-dive training on common CISSP exam traps, pitfalls, and difficulties. The goal of the CISSP Exam Prep LiveLessons is to give you the edge you need to pass the rigorous CISSP exam and successfully gain certification. This course is designed to familiarize you with test-taking strategies, review "must know" and "challenging" concepts, practice answering exam questions, and most importantly, give you the confidence to pass your exam with flying colors. This course is NOT designed to be a comprehensive study guide. Instead we will be focusing on components of the ISC2 CBK (common body of knowledge) that fall into one of four categories.

Sari Greene, best-selling author of the CISSP Complete Video Course, will also walk you through practice questions throughout, highlighting how to answer difficult questions and reduce errors. She will end with a discussion on winning exam day strategies, so you can make the most of your time as you prepare. This is targeted exam prep training, so you can make the most of your knowledge when taking the test.

Skill Level

Beginning to Intermediate

What You Will Lean
  • Tips to prepare for the Exam
  • Targeted deep-dive lessons on the most challenging topics and concepts on the exam
  • Practice question walkthrough, so you can learn techniques for answering questions and also see what types of questions might appear on the exam
  • Winning exam day strategies

Who Should Take This Course

This course is designed to be used by anyone hoping to take the CISSP exam.

Course Requirements

The ideal target student has already studied each domain on the CISSP exam.

Module 1: Preparing for the Exam

Lesson 1: The CISSP Exam

1.1: About this Course
1.2: Understanding the CISSP Exam Structure
1.3: Preparing for the Types of Questions You Will Encounter on the Exam

Lesson 2: Test Taking Strategies

2.1: Test Taking Rules of Thumb
2.2: The Zen of Test Taking

Module 2: Challenging Topics and Concepts

Lesson 3: Domain 1–Security and Risk Management

3.1: Understanding Quantitative Risk Assessments
3.2: Exploring Business Impact Analysis
3.3: Exam Practice Questions

Lesson 4: Domain 2–Asset Security

4.1: Grasping Privacy Concepts
4.2: Understanding Information Lifecycle
4.3: Exam Practice Questions

Lesson 5: Domain 3–Security Engineering

5.1: Applying the Star and Simple Properties
5.2: Deciphering Ciphers and Algorithms
5.3: Demystifying Symmetric and Asymmetric Encryption
5.4: Applying Asymmetric Encryption
5.5: Understanding Hashing
5.6: Examining Digital Signatures
5.7: Deconstructing the Digital Certificate Lifecycle
5.8: Understanding Cryptographic Protocols
5.9: Assessing Cryptographic Attacks
5.10: Understanding Database Security
5.11: Exam Practice Questions

Lesson 6: Domain 4–Communication and Network Security

6.1: Analyzing OSI & TCP/IP Model Relevance
6.2: Understanding Decision Engines
6.3: Surveying Non-IP Network Protocols
6.4: Exploring VoIP
6.5: Securing 802.1x Wireless Networks
6.6: Assessing Network Attacks
6.7: Exam Practice Questions

Lesson 7: Domain–5 Identity and Access Management

7.1: Understanding Mutual Authentication
7.2: Investigating Federated Identity
7.3: Surveying Access Control Models
7.4: Exam Practice Questions

Lesson 8: Domain 6–Security Assessment and Testing

8.1: Defining the Penetration Testing Rules of Engagement
8.2: Interpreting SSAE16 SOC Reports
8.3: Understanding Information Security Continuous Monitoring (ISCM)
8.4: Exam Practice Questions

Lesson 9: Domain 7–Security Operations

9.1: Evaluating Vulnerability, Change, and Configuration Management
9.2: Assessing Resiliency and Fault Tolerance
9.3: Deciphering Digital Forensics and Evidence Handling
9.4: Protecting People and Places
9.5: Exam Questions

Lesson 10: Domain 8–Software Development Security

10.1: Evaluating Source Code Flaws
10.2: Understanding the Software Development Processes
10.3: Surveying Software Testing
10.4: Deconstructing the Product Development Lifecycle
10.5: Exam Practice Questions

Module 3: CISSP Exam and Beyond

Lesson 11: Taking Your Exam

11.1: The Week Leading Up to the Exam
11.2: What to Do on Test Day
11.3: What to Expect at the Testing Center
11.4: Attaining and Maintaining Your CISSP Certification

7 hours of video instruction

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