Internet of Things (IoT) Fundamentals LiveLessons

Internet of Things (IoT) Fundamentals LiveLessons
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By 2020, more than 50 billion "Internet of Things" (IoT) devices will be connected to the Internet. Those connections are already enabling radically new business models, capabilities, and applications, making IoT knowledge indispensable for executives and technologists alike. The IoT Fundamentals LiveLessons video training course offers 10 hours of expert instruction on all the essentials - from sensors and connectivity to data analytics and key industry applications.

Leading Cisco IoT experts Robert Barton and Jerome Henry illuminate core IoT technologies, components, and the building blocks of IoT solutions. They explore IoT network architecture and security considerations, show how to leverage the power of immense IoT data flows, and introduce important IoT applications in several key vertical markets.

Barton and Henry's 19 well-organized lessons teach through real examples, easy-to-follow animations, and detailed audio explanations. Whatever your role in planning for, using, or building IoT technologies, IoT Fundamentals LiveLessons will help you start fast - and succeed.

Coverage includes
  • What IoT is and how it is transforming businesses
  • Common IoT challenges, building blocks, and architectures
  • Core IoT networking protocols, including the 802.15.4 and LPWA families
  • Models for protecting security and integrity in IoT networks
  • Simple, low-cost IoT networks for homes and small businesses
  • IPv6 adaptations for low power and lossy IoT networks
  • IoT management protocols, including CoAP, MQTT, and SCADA
  • Moving processing to the edge and to the "fog" layer
  • Using data analytics to maximize the value of IoT systems
  • Analyzing IoT data with Hadoop, Kafka, Spark, and the Hadoop ecosystem
  • Industry-specific techniques, smart objects, protocols, and analytic techniques
  • IoT for utilities, the smart grid, and energy efficiency
  • IoT for connected and self-driving cars, mass transit, and cargo transportation
  • IoT for manufacturing: reducing cost and accelerating delivery
  • IoT for smart and connected cities: lighting, parking, and public safety
  • IoT for safer, more efficient oil/gas production and mining

Skill Level
  • All levels

Learn How To
  • Plan, organize, build, and deploy end-to-end IoT solutions
  • Navigate today's IoT product marketplace
  • Use maturing IoT technologies to solve many business and technical problems
  • Make sense of the full IoT protocol stack, from 802.15.4 and LPWA to IPv6 adaptations and management
  • Architect IoT networks for maximum security and integrity
  • Generate meaningful intelligence from the data your smart objects capture
  • Compare and use batch-level and real-time streaming analytics
  • Improve IoT system efficiency through fog and edge computing
  • Leverage key IoT applications for utilities, transportation, manufacturing, smart cities, public safety, oil/gas production, and mining

Who Should Take This Course

For wide audiences of IT, operations, and business professionals who want to plan for, deploy, secure, and leverage the benefits of IoT technologies. This course's case study applications will have special appeal to professionals in a wide range of industries, including municipal and other government operations; building management; power, water, and gas utility engineering; transportation; telecommunications; manufacturing; energy, and many others.

Course Requirements

Requires basic knowledge of Internet and networking technology.

8+ hours of video instruction

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