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2023 Value of IT Certification report

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In a post-pandemic world, IT certifications are more valuable than ever.

The 2023 Value of IT Certification Candidate Report, the eighth in an ongoing series, shares the perspectives and experiences of more than 21,000 professionals in 176 countries who prepared for and earned IT certifications amidst changing and challenging working conditions.

The results indicate that in a world where greater demand for tech skills meets a global talent shortage, IT certifications are the ideal means to address both.

And, when paired with our most recent employer-focused report, it’s clearer than ever that the value of IT certifications is understood and appreciated by both those pursuing them and the organizations they work for.


We learned that when it comes to certifications:

  • Candidates earn professional and personal rewards for investing in certification
  • Credentialed employees are more empowered and contribute greater value
  • Certification-seekers are getting younger
  • Pandemic-driven technology demands have become the norm


  • 16% more certification exams delivered than prior year
  • 86% of candidates plan to pursue additional certifications
  • 91% of candidates experience increased confidence
  • 75% of candidates felt greater job satisfaction
  • 28% of candidates earned a pay increase

Benefits for candidates:

Benefits for employers:


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