CertPREP Training Labs: AWS Library (180 day license)

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The AWS Library is a 180-day subscription that includes access to 75-100+ labs related to AWS Technology

A total of 3 attempts to complete each lab exercise

Multiple levels: Guided, Advanced & Expert

Access to the lab delivery platform starting upon your first lab launch:

  • Collection (Exam Level) – 90 days
  • Library (Technology Level) – 180 days
  • All Access (All labs) – 365 days

AWS: Cloud Practitioner

AWS CCP-000 Getting Started with AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner [Getting Started]
AWS CCP-001 Implement Elastic Load Balancing Between EC2 Instances [Guided]
AWS CCP-002 Create EC2 Instances by Using Auto Scaling [Guided]
AWS CCP-003 Can You Configure an Auto Scaling Group and a Load Balancer? [Advanced]
AWS CCP-004 Implement the Simple Storage Service [Guided]
AWS CCP-005 Implement Identity and Access Management [Guided]
AWS CCP-006 Can You Secure Access to an S3 Bucket? [Advanced]
AWS CCP-007 Implement a Network Access Control List [Guided]
AWS CCP-008 Configure a Security Group [Guided]
AWS CCP-009 Can You Implement Secure Access to a Service? [Advanced]
AWS CCP-010 Can You Implement a Highly Available Website? [Expert]

AWS: Elastic Cloud Compute (EC2)

AWS EC2-000 Getting Started with AWS Elastic Compute Cloud [Getting Started]
AWS EC2-001 Create and Configure an EC2 Instance with User Data [Guided]
AWS EC2-002 Create an Instance by Using a Custom AMI [Guided]
AWS EC2-003 Can You Create a Custom AMI Based on a New EC2 Instance? [Advanced]
AWS EC2-004 Create an EC2 Instance by Using a Launch Template [Guided]
AWS EC2-005 Create an Auto Scaling Group [Guided]
AWS EC2-006 Can You Create a Resilient System by Using a Launch Template and an Auto Scaling Group? [Advanced]
AWS EC2-007 Configure an Elastic Load Balancer [Guided]
AWS EC2-008 Install a Web Server by Using AWS System Manager Run Command [Guided]
AWS EC2-009 Can You Automate the Build of EC2 Instances Behind an Elastic Load Balancer? [Advanced]
AWS EC2-010 Can You Configure a Resilient EC2 Server Farm? [Expert]

AWS: Simple Storage Services (S3)

AWS S3-000 Getting Started with Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) [Getting Started]
AWS S3-001 Create Buckets, Versioning, and Permissions with Amazon S3 [Guided]
AWS S3-002 Host a Static Web Site with Amazon S3 [Guided]
AWS S3-003 Can You Serve a Simple, Static Website with Amazon S3? [Advanced]
AWS S3-004 Configure File Encryption and Access Logging [Guided]
AWS S3-005 Configure Amazon S3 Event Logging and Handling [Guided]
AWS S3-006 Can You Use Access Logging for Bucket Management and Monitoring? [Advanced]
AWS S3-007 Configuring Cross Region Replication for an S3 Bucket [Guided]
AWS S3-008 Use a Lifecycle Rule in an S3 Bucket [Guided]
AWS S3-009 Can You Enable Cross-Region Replication and Archiving? [Advanced]
AWS S3-010 Can You Create a Website with Cross Region Replication and Logging? [Expert]

AWS: Technical Essentials

AWS TE.1-001 Build a Network by Using the VPC Wizard [Guided]
AWS TE.1-002 Build VPC Resources Manually [Guided]
AWS TE.1-003 Can You Build a Network Foundation in AWS? [Advanced]
AWS TE.1-004 Configure an S3 Bucket and Website [Guided]
AWS TE.1-005 Configure Data Transfer and Storage Options for an S3 Bucket [Guided]
AWS TE.1-006 Can You Build a Website by Using an Amazon S3 Bucket? [Advanced]
AWS TE.1-007 Connect to an EC2 Instance by Using RDP [Guided]
AWS TE.1-008 Configure Storage by Using EBS [Guided]
AWS TE.1-009 Create a Custom AMI from an Existing EC2 Instance [Guided]
AWS TE.1-010 Create a Launch Template [Guided]
AWS TE.1-011 Can You Implement a Repeatable Compute Layer with EC2? [Advanced]
AWS TE.1-012 Can You Deploy an End-to-End Solution in AWS? [Expert]
AWS Net-001 Design a VPC and Associated Subnets in AWS [Guided]
AWS Net-002 Establish Internet and NAT Gateways in AWS [Guided]
AWS Net-003 Can You Design a Cloud Network in AWS? [Advanced]

AWS: Systems Operations

AWS SOA-001 Use Identity and Access Management to Create Users, Groups and Toles [Guided]
AWS SOA-002 Use the Policy Generator to Generate Identity and Resource-based IAM Policies [Guided]
AWS SOA-003 Can You Utilize IAM to Generate Implement the Principle of Least Privilege Access Policy? [Advanced]
AWS SOA-004 Configure User Access and the AWS CLI [Guided]
AWS SOA-005 Use the CLI to Identify and Filter Resources [Guided]
AWS SOA-006 Can You Utilize the CLI to Create a Script to Identify and Modify Resources with Automation? [Advanced]
AWS SOA-007 Use the Systems Manager (SSM) to Generate Inventory [Guided]
AWS SOA-008 Use the SSM Run Command [Guided]
AWS SOA-009 Use the SSM Parameter Store [Guided]
AWS SOA-010 Use the SSM Session Manager [Guided]
AWS SOA-011 Can You Implement a Solution with the AWS System Manager for Automation? [Advanced]
AWS SOA-012 Launching EC2 Instances with the Console and the CLI [Guided]
AWS SOA-013 Creating an AMI from an Existing EC2 Instance [Guided]
AWS SOA-014 Use the AWS Image Builder to Create a “golden image” [Guided]
AWS SOA-015 Can you Create and Configure an EC2 Instance and Make a Reusable AMI? [Advanced]
AWS SOA-016 Can You Perform an EC2 Deployment Using Standardization Methods? [Expert]
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