CertPREP Courseware: CompTIA CASP+ (CAS-004) - Self-Paced

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This self-paced CertPREP CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner course is a great next step for anyone working in the security field who wants to become well-versed in security architecture, security operations, security engineering and cryptography, governance, risk, and compliance. The CAS-004 certification is vendor-neutral, so the devices and technologies introduced in this course will work with multiple vendors.

The goal of this course is to provide you with all the tools you need to prepare for the CAS-004: Comp TIA Advanced Security Practitioner exam — including text explanations, video demos, lab activities, self-assessment questions, and a practice exam— to increase your chances of passing the exam on your first try.

Course components:

  • Lessons
  • Video learning
  • MeasureUp Practice Test for CompTIA CASP (CAS-004). Practice Mode with remediation and Certification mode to simulate the test day experience.

Duration: Approximately 40 hours of primary course content. Each learner will progress at their own rate.


  • Security practitioners with 1-2 years of experience in security architecture, security operations, security engineering and cryptography, and governance.


  • 1-2 years professional experience working as a security practitioner.

Required course materials: Self-paced CertPREP CompTIA CASP+ (CAS-004) Courseware.

Part I: Security Architecture

  • Lesson 1: Ensuring a Secure Network Architecture
  • Lesson 2: Determining the Proper Infrastructure Design
  • Lesson 3: Securely Integrating Software Applications
  • Lesson 4: Securing the Enterprise Architecture by Implementing Data Security Techniques
  • Lesson 5: Providing the Appropriate Authentication and Authorization Controls
  • Lesson 6: Implementing Secure Cloud and Virtualization Solutions
  • Lesson 7: Supporting Security Objectives and Requirements with Cryptography and Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)
  • Lesson 8: Managing the Impact of Emerging Technologies on Enterprise Security and Privacy

Part II: Security Operations

  • Lesson 9: Performing Threat Management Activities
  • Lesson 10: Analyzing Indicators of Compromise and Formulating an Appropriate Response
  • Lesson 11: Performing Vulnerability Management Activities
  • Lesson 12: Using the Appropriate Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing Methods and Tools
  • Lesson 13: Analyzing Vulnerabilities and Recommending Risk Mitigations
  • Lesson 14: Using Processes to Reduce Risk
  • Lesson 15: Implementing the Appropriate Incident Response
  • Lesson 16: Forensic Concepts
  • Lesson 17: Forensic Analysis Tools

Part III: Security Engineering and Cryptography

  • Lesson 18: Applying Secure Configurations to Enterprise Mobility
  • Lesson 19: Configuring and Implementing Endpoint Security Controls
  • Lesson 20: Security Considerations Impacting Specific Sectors and Operational Technologies
  • Lesson 21: Cloud Technology’s Impact on Organizational Security
  • Lesson 22: Implementing the Appropriate PKI Solution
  • Lesson 23: Implementing the Appropriate Cryptographic Protocols and Algorithms
  • Lesson 24: Troubleshooting Issues with Cryptographic Implementations

Part IV: Governance, Risk and Compliance

  • Lesson 25: Applying Appropriate Risk Strategies
  • Lesson 26: Managing and Mitigating Vendor Risk
  • Lesson 27: The Organization Impact of Compliance Frameworks and Legal Considerations
  • Lesson 28: Business Community and Disaster Recovery Concepts
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