CertPREP Training Labs: Microsoft Azure Library (180-day license)

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The Microsoft Azure Library is a 180-day subscription that includes access to 75-100+ labs related to Microsoft Azure Technology.

A total of 3 attempts to complete each lab exercise

Multiple levels: Guided, Advanced & Expert

Access to the lab delivery platform starting upon your first lab launch:

  • Collection (Exam Level) – 90 days
  • Library (Technology Level) – 180 days
  • All Access (All labs) – 365 days

Azure: Automation Services

AA - 000 Getting Started with Azure Automation [Getting Started]
AA - 001 Manage an Azure VM using Cloud Shell [Guided]
AA - 002 Deploy an Azure VM using PowerShell [Guided]
AA - 003 Can You Enable and Configure Just in Time VM Access in Security Center? [Advanced]
AA - 004 Configure Monitoring of an Azure VM Using Log Analytics [Guided]
AA - 005 Configure the Hybrid Runbook Worker Solution [Guided]
AA - 006 Can you execute a runbook against a Hybrid Runbook Worker? [Advanced]
AA - 007 Monitor and Resolve Security Issues using Security Center [Guided]
AA - 008 Change the Size of an Azure VM using PowerShell [Guided]
AA - 009 Can you Enable Disk Encryption using BitLocker and Key Vault? [Advanced]
AA - 010 Can you Provision Update Management for On-Premises Systems? [Expert]

Azure: Architect Technologies Solutions

AATS - 000 Getting Started with Azure Architecture Technology Solutions [Getting Started]
AATS - 001 Configure Geo-Replication for Your Database [Guided]
AATS - 002 Enable Dynamic Data Masking using Azure SQL Database [Guided]
AATS - 003 Can you enable Always Encrypted using SQL Server? [Advanced]
AATS - 004 Use Azure Storage Explorer [Guided]
AATS - 005 Enable VM Backup using Recovery Services Vault [Guided]
AATS - 006 Can you use RBAC and Design a Custom Role? [Advanced]
AATS - 007 Use Managed Identities [Guided]
AATS - 008 Configure Continuous Deployment using GIT and Deployment Slots [Guided]
AATS - 009 Can You Use Managed Identities? [Advanced]
AATS - 010 Can You Configure an Autoscale Alert on a VM Scale Set? [Expert]

Azure: Infrastructure Solutions

AIS - 000 Getting Started with Azure Infrastructure Solutions [Getting Started]
AIS - 001 Create Linux VMs in an Availability Set [Guided]
AIS - 002 Create and Manage a VM Scale Set [Guided]
AIS - 003 Work with managed disk snapshots [Guided]
AIS - 004 Can you configure high availability and scale for Azure VMs? [Advanced]
AIS - 005 Configure near real-time metric alerts [Guided]
AIS - 006 Configure a VM using a custom script extension [Guided]
AIS - 007 Configure a VM using a PowerShell DSC extension [Guided]
AIS - 008 Deploy a VM with DSC extension using ARM template [Guided]
AIS - 009 Can you Automate and Monitor VMs Using Extensions and Azure Monitor? [Advanced]
AIS - 010 Can You Automate and Manage Custom, Scalable Azure VM–Based Infrastructure Solutions? [Expert]

Azure: Network Security Solutions

ANS - 000 Getting Started with Azure Network Security [Getting Started]
ANS - 001 Configure a Network Security Group in a Virtual Network [Guided]
ANS - 002 Configure Route Tables in a Virtual Network [Guided]
ANS - 003 Configure Global VNet Peering [Guided]
ANS - 004 Can you Implement Azure VM Network Security? [Advanced]
ANS - 005 Configure a Virtual Network Service Endpoint [Guided]
ANS - 006 Implement Azure PaaS Security [Guided]
ANS - 007 Can you Implement Azure PaaS Security? [Advanced]
ANS - 008 Implement an API Management Instance [Guided]
ANS - 009 Can you Implement API Management to Publish APIs Securely? [Advanced]
ANS - 010 Can you Deliver Secure Services to your Organization? [Expert]

Azure: Platform Protection

APP - 000 Getting Started with Azure Platform Protection [Getting Started]
APP - 001 Configure authentication with Web Apps [Guided]
APP - 002 Configure Virtual Network Connectivity Using Peering [Guided]
APP - 003 Can you Configure Network Security Groups (NSGs) to Allow Application and Database traffic? [Advanced]
APP - 004 Create and Configure Application Security Groups [Guided]
APP - 005 Configure Azure Disk Encryption [Guided]
APP - 006 Can You Harden Virtual Machines in Azure? [Advanced]
APP - 007 Configure Security Using the Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) [Guided]
APP - 008 Create Microsoft Azure Resource Locks on a Web App [Guided]
APP - 009 Can You Configure Multi-Scope Network Security? [Advanced]
APP - 010 Can You Configure Multi-Scope Resource Permissions? [Expert]

Azure: Architect Storage, VMs, and Monitoring

AZ300.1 - 000 Getting Started with Azure Storage, Virtual Machines, and Monitoring [Getting Started]
AZ300.1 - 001 Implement and Manage Azure Storage [Guided]
AZ300.1 - 002 Manage Access to Azure Storage [Guided]
AZ300.1 - 003 Monitor Azure Storage [Guided]
AZ300.1 - 004 Can You Implement, Manage, and Monitor Azure Storage? [Advanced]
AZ300.1 - 005 Automate Deployment of Azure Virtual Machines by Using Azure Resource Manager Templates [Guided]
AZ300.1 - 006 Deploy Azure Virtual Machines by Using Azure PowerShell [Guided]
AZ300.1 - 007 Deploy Azure Virtual Machines by Using Azure CLI 2.0 [Guided]
AZ300.1 - 008 Can You Automate Deployment of Virtual Machines? [Advanced]
AZ300.1 - 009 Configure Diagnostics Settings on Azure VMs [Guided]
AZ300.1 - 010 Collect Log Data from Windows Computers [Guided]
AZ300.1 - 011 Collect Log Data from Linux Computers [Guided]
AZ300.1 - 012 Manage Azure VM Diagnostics [Guided]
AZ300.1 - 013 Can You Monitor Azure VMs? [Advanced]
AZ300.1 - 014 Can You Create, Manage, and Monitor Azure Virtual Machines? [Expert]

Azure: Networking and High Availability

AZ300.2 - 000 Getting Started with Networking and High Availability [Getting Started]
AZ300.2 - 001 Implement Azure Virtual Networking [Guided]
AZ300.2 - 002 Implement Azure Virtual Network Routing [Guided]
AZ300.2 - 003 Implement Network Security Groups and Application Security Groups [Guided]
AZ300.2 - 004 Can You Configure Azure Virtual Networking? [Advanced]
AZ300.2 - 005 Configure an Azure VNet-to-VNet Connection [Guided]
AZ300.2 - 006 Configure Azure Virtual Network Peering [Guided]
AZ300.2 - 007 Implement an Azure Load Balancer [Guided]
AZ300.2 - 008 Can You Configure and Control Network Traffic? [Advanced]
AZ300.2 - 009 Implement Azure Backup for Azure Virtual Machines [Guided]
AZ300.2 - 010 Migrate an Azure Virtual Machine by Using a Recovery Services Vault [Guided]
AZ300.2 - 011 Create an Azure Virtual Machine Snapshot [Guided]
AZ300.2 - 013 Can You Manage Azure Network Connectivity and High Availability of Resources? [Expert]

Azure: Active Directory

AZ300.3 - 000 Getting Started with Azure Active Directory [Getting Started]
AZ300.3 - 001 Install and Configure Azure AD Connect [Guided]
AZ300.3 - 002 Implement Self-Service Password Reset [Guided]
AZ300.3 - 003 Can You Manage an Azure Active Directory Hybrid Environment? [Advanced]
AZ300.3 - 004 Implement Azure Policy [Guided]
AZ300.3 - 005 Implement Role-Based Access Control [Guided]
AZ300.3 - 006 Create Role-Based Access Control Custom Roles [Guided]
AZ300.3 - 007 Implement Managed Identities for Azure Virtual Machines [Guided]
AZ300.3 - 008 Can You Configure Governance Over Azure Active Directory Security Principals? [Advanced]
AZ300.3 - 009 Implement Multi-Factor Authentication for an Azure Active Directory User [Guided]
AZ300.3 - 010 Implement an Azure Conditional Access Policy [Guided]
AZ300.3 - 011 Can You Control Azure Active Directory Authentication and Access? [Advanced]
AZ300.3 - 012 Can You Implement and Govern an Azure AD Environment? [Expert]

Azure: Fundamentals

AZ900 - 001 Manage Azure Resource Deployment by Using an Azure Resource Manager Template [Guided]
AZ900 - 002 Manage Azure Resource Groups [Guided]
AZ900 - 003 Run Commands by Using Azure Cloud Shell [Guided]
AZ900 - 004 Create an Azure Function App [Guided]
AZ900 - 005 Create an Azure Logic App [Guided]
AZ900 - 006 Configure an Azure Distributed Denial of Service Protection Plan [Guided]
AZ900 - 007 Manage Encryption by Using an Azure Key Vault [Guided]
AZ900 - 008 Configure Azure Role-Based Access Control [Guided]
AZ900 - 009 Configure an Azure Lock [Guided]
AZ900 - 010 Configure Monitoring by Using Azure Monitor [Guided]
AZ900 - 011 Deploy an Azure Virtual Machine [Guided]
AZ900 - 012 View Azure Service Health Options [Guided]
AZ900 - 013 Manage Azure Active Directory Users and Groups [Guided]
AZ900 - 014 Implement a Network Security Group [Guided]
AZ900 - 015 Creating Azure Objects/Resources and Billing/Azure Advisor [Guided]

Azure: Architect Design Solutions

CSAA - 001 Provision a Function App [Guided]
CSAA - 002 Provision a Logic App [Guided]
CSAA - 003 Can you manage a serverless compute environment? [Advanced]
CSAA - 004a Provision an Azure Container Instance [Guided]
CSAA - 004r Provision an Azure Container Registry [Guided]
CSAA - 005 Provision a Container-based Web App [Guided]
CSAA - 006 Can you Provision a Serverless Container-based Environment? [Advanced]
CSAA - 007 Provision an Azure Storage Table [Guided]
CSAA - 008 Provision an Azure Storage Queue [Guided]
CSAA - 009 Can You manage PaaS Storage Services to Support an Application? [Advanced]

Azure: IoT Solutions

CSIOT - 000 Getting Started with Azure IoT Solutions [Getting Started]
CSIOT - 001 Ingest IoT Data with the Azure IoT Hub [Guided]
CSIOT - 002 Manage IoT Devices with the Azure IoT Hub [Guided]
CSIOT - 003 Can you Manage IoT Devices with the Azure IoT Hub? [Advanced]
CSIOT - 004 Process IoT Data with Azure Stream Analytics [Guided]
CSIOT - 005 Implement IoT Hub Endpoints and Consumer Groups [Guided]
CSIOT - 006 Can you Process Incoming IoT Data in Real Time? [Advanced]
CSIOT - 007 Store IoT data with Cosmos DB [Guided]
CSIOT - 008 Use Azure Time Series Insights to Analyze IoT Data [Guided]
CSIOT - 009 Can you Store and Analyze IoT Data? [Advanced]
CSIOT - 010 Can you Provision an End-to-End IoT Solution? [Expert]

Azure: Manage, Monitor, and Secure

CSMMS - 000 Getting Started with Azure Web App Management and Monitoring [Getting Started]
CSMMS - 001 Provision Web Apps [Guided]
CSMMS - 002 Deploy a Web Job [Guided]
CSMMS - 003 Autoscale a Web App [Guided]
CSMMS - 004 Can you Manage a Web App? [Advanced]
CSMMS - 005 Configure Application Insights [Guided]
CSMMS - 006 Set an Azure Alert for a Web App [Guided]
CSMMS - 007 Can you Monitor a Web App? [Advanced]
CSMMS - 008 Secure a Storage Account [Guided]
CSMMS - 009 Secure Azure SQL Server [Guided]
CSMMS - 010 Store Sensitive Data in Azure Key Vault [Guided]
CSMMS - 011 Can you secure Azure platform services? [Advanced]
CSMMS - 012 Can you manage, monitor, and secure Azure platform services? [Expert]

Azure: Storage Solutions for Developers

CSSD - 001 Integrate Blob Storage with Public Access [Guided]
CSSD - 002 Integrate Blob Storage with Private Access [Guided]
CSSD - 003 Can You Integrate Blob Storage into a Web App? [Advanced]
CSSD - 004 Integrate a SQL Server Database [Guided]
CSSD - 005 Integrate a MySQL Database [Guided]
CSSD - 006 Can You Integrate Relational Data into a Web App? [Advanced]
CSSD - 007 Integrate a Cosmos DB SQL API Database [Guided]
CSSD - 008 Integrate a Cosmos DB Table API Database [Guided]
CSSD - 009 Can You Integrate Non-Relational Data into a Web App? [Advanced]
CSSD - 010 Can You Integrate storage? [Expert]

Azure: Storage Solutions

CSST - 000 Getting Started with Cloud Slice Storage [Getting Started]
CSST - 001 Configure Blob Storage with Public Access in Azure [Guided]
CSST - 002 Configure Blob Storage with Private Access [Guided]
CSST - 003 Can you Provision Public and Private Blob Storage for a Web App? [Advanced]
CSST - 004 Provision an Azure SQL Server database [Guided]
CSST - 005 Provision an Azure Database for MySQL database [Guided]
CSST - 006 Can you Provision Relational Databases for a Web App? [Advanced]
CSST - 007 Provision an Azure Cosmos DB [Guided]
CSST - 008 Provision an Azure Search Service [Guided]
CSST - 009 Can you Provision NoSQL data for a Web App? [Advanced]
CSST - 010 Can you Provision Data Storage for a Web App in Azure? [Expert]

Azure: Data Solution Design

DADS - 000 Getting Started with Designing an Azure Data Solution [Getting Started]
DADS - 001 Design a Cosmos DB for High Availability [Guided]
DADS - 002 Design Azure SQL Database Design for Disaster Recovery [Guided]
DADS - 003 Provision Azure Synapse Analytics [Guided]
DADS - 004 Can You Design Azure Synapse Analytics? [Advanced]
DADS - 005 Design a Mapping Data Flow by Using Azure Data Factory [Guided]
DADS - 006 Mapping Data Flow with Azure Data Factory [Guided]
DADS - 007 Design a Data Security Solution by Using a Private Endpoint [Guided]
DADS - 008 Can You Populate Azure SQL Database by Using Azure Data Factory? [Advanced]
DADS - 009 Design Access Policies for a Storage Account [Guided]
DADS - 010 Design Role Based Access Control (RBAC) for Data Lake Storage Account [Guided]
DADS - 011 Enable Always Encrypted with Azure SQL Database [Guided]
DADS - 012 Can You Implement an Encryption Strategy with Azure SQL Database? [Advanced]
DADS - 013 Can You Populate Azure SQL Database by Using Azure Data Factory? [Expert]

Azure: Hybrid Cloud ARM Solutions

HCARM - 000 Getting Started with Hybrid Cloud ARM [Getting Started]
HCARM - 001 Design Azure App Service Web Apps [Guided]
HCARM - 002 Develop Azure App Service Mobile Apps [Guided]
HCARM - 003 Can You Develop an Azure Mobile App with Azure SQL Database? [Advanced]
HCARM - 004 Deploy Workloads on Azure Resource Manager Virtual Machines [Guided]
HCARM - 005 Monitor ARM VMs [Guided]
HCARM - 006 Can you Design and Implement ARM VM storage? [Advanced]
HCARM - 007 Design and implement Kubernetes applications on Azure Container Service (AKS) [Guided]
HCARM - 008 Develop Azure Logic Apps using messaging services [Guided]
HCARM - 009 Can you create a serverless API using Azure Functions? [Advanced]
HCARM - 010 Can you Deploy Hybrid-Cloud Azure Solutions using ARM templates? [Expert]

Azure: Hybrid Cloud Services

HCS - 000 Getting Started with Hybrid Cloud Solutions [Getting Started]
HCS - 001 Deploy an Azure Web App Using Deployment Slots [Guided]
HCS - 002 Web App Load Balancing [Guided]
HCS - 003 Can you Deploy Azure Web App using Azure SQL Database (PaaS)? [Advanced]
HCS - 004 Provision an Azure VM with SQL Server [Guided]
HCS - 005 Enable High Availability using Availability Sets [Guided]
HCS - 006 Configure Virtual Networks [Guided]
HCS - 007 Can you deploy Azure VMs for multi-tier apps? [Advanced]
HCS - 008 Deploy resources using ARM templates [Guided]
HCS - 009 Enable Azure VM Scale Sets for High Availability and Scalability [Guided]
HCS - 010 Can you deploy scalable Azure solutions using ARM templates? [Advanced]
HCS - 011 Can You Deploy a Web App with Database Authentication using Azure AD? [Expert]

Azure: Data Solution Implementation

IADS - 000 Getting Started with Implementing an Azure Data Solution [Getting Started]
IADS - 001 Provision an Azure Cosmos DB Account [Guided]
IADS - 002 Enable Geo-Replication of an Azure SQL Database [Guided]
IADS - 003 Enable Dynamic Data Masking by Using Azure SQL Database [Guided]
IADS - 004 Can You Implement an Azure SQL Database Using Secure Distribution? [Advanced]
IADS - 005 Enable Azure Data Lake Storage [Guided]
IADS - 006 Event streaming with Event Hub [Guided]
IADS - 007 Provision Azure Data Factory [Guided]
IADS - 008 Can You Implement Data Movement with Azure Data Factory? [Advanced]
IADS - 009 Enable Azure SQL Database Auditing [Guided]
IADS - 010 Configure Azure Monitor Alerts [Guided]
IADS - 011 Deploy Azure Synapse Analytics [Guided]
IADS - 012 Can you optimize and monitor Azure Synapse Analytics? [Advanced]
IADS - 013 Can you populate Azure Synapse Analytics using Azure Data Factory? [Expert]

Azure: Secure Data & Applications

SDA - 000 Getting Started with Azure Secure Data and Applications [Getting Started]
SDA - 001 Configure Application Insights and Log Retention for Web Apps [Guided]
SDA - 002 Configure security recommendations for Virtual Machines [Guided]
SDA - 003 Can You Enable Secure Database Authentication Using Azure AD? [Advanced]
SDA - 004 Enable database auditing with Azure SQL Database [Guided]
SDA - 005 Enable Advanced Database Security with Azure SQL Database [Guided]
SDA - 006 Can You Configure Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) for Storage Accounts? [Advanced]
SDA - 007 Create and manage Shared Access Signatures (SAS) [Guided]
SDA - 008 Configure security for Cosmos DB [Guided]
SDA - 009 Can you implement Azure SQL Database using Always Encrypted? [Advanced]
SDA - 010 Can You Manage Access to Azure Key Vault Using Templates? [Expert]
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